Sermon Archives

Here is an archive of the sermons preached at New Song Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA.  We hope you will be blessed by simply listening to our pastor preach the Word of God.

E.g., 2014-07-26

After a lifetime of reflection, one of Jesus' closest friends and followers set out to tell the story of the one and only Son of God, the true light, the Word made flesh, for generations that would follow. Join us for this journey through the Gospel of John.

Scripture: John 13
Scripture: John 5
Scripture: John 3
Scripture: John 1
Scripture: John 1

These are messages from some of our members and guest speakers, or special occasion sermons that are not part of a regular preaching series.

Scripture: Matthew 21
Scripture: Romans 5

A prophet who runs from God, a fish that obey's God's command, and a whole city that turns from sin and worships the Lord. This vivid account shows the matchless depth of God's patience, grace, and his desire to forgive.

Scripture: Jonah 4
Scripture: Jonah 3
Scripture: Jonah 2

The good news of the death, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus Christ is the center of all God's work in creation and redemption. In this series we explore together how the gospel impacts all areas of life.

Scripture: Romans 1
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6
Scripture: Psalms 96
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15
Scripture: Matthew 6
Scripture: Ephesians 2
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3

Patrick Wallace brings the Easter message from Luke chapter 7.

Scripture: Luke 7